Jun 30, 2012

On The Edge of The Forest

He slowly reined in the red fox
right upon the edge of the forest.
Not wanting to run,
she thought she would just lie there.

He thought, or rather supposed
that was a very rare thing.
But these were just funny little games they played.

Mountains moving west again,
scratched with sassafras slowly on the sky...
she was revealing her darkened face, still wild.
"A good man is hard to find, " she thought.

Hey Hey, My My

There was a physical sensation;
The wind said, "Go with him."
She could feel him now laden with smells of tobacco,
and in a floating swoon
they watched over moments and one another.

She looked upward at heaven.
letting it all fall against his thighs thighs thighs.
He gripped the top of her gown gown gown
and then stood at the edge of weeping,
"I am you and we are one of the pages of the universe,
and we are echoing echoing echoing."
Drunk on his words, she knew she was being tamed and she slowly smiled.

My My, Hey Hey

Jun 29, 2012

Visions of Violets

Why are the wires crossing?
She asked him, Did you see something?"
He replied, "Yes."
"Was is wonderful?"
Then he said, " No, sort of grey."
Laughter and the image of him walking through a field of violet colored flowers, holding a cane.
Then he was judged, struck savagely with a sword. And he was a sick man.
The attacker shouting, "Stand up!, Stand Up!" while he struck him down. He was a liar and he killed that man,
That man who only wanted to see floating beauty, traveling music, and read and read and read without interruption and watch the sky at night and learn their names to call them out, the Stars.
And he would walk and walk  and walk, walk sick, with cane, walk and walk and walk and walk until he saw what he had thought that he had read about, seen or maybe it was something he had remembered, brought with him through time. So he walked and walked, not really to see something, but to be somewhere that had real feeling, real meaning.
And the vision there was its own expression.
But there are wire's crossing walking to ones ends.
Source:Favicom.com Old vintage black and white photo~

Jun 27, 2012

Sometimes We Have A Rough Day

Slow Down

Correct Actions



Andre Breton Quote

Rough Day

Don't Get Cute

Sont Les Robes

Vision page 1

Vision page 2

Certain pills


Inside the Ghost

Birth and Death

Yoko Ono Clock Piece

Jun 25, 2012

Francesca Woodman & THinking On These Things

All things appear as they truly are to those not blinded by their own self interest. - Guan Yin

Without desire or fear every dilemma spontaneously arrives at its natural solution. - Zhun Mang

Do Good to all living beings without even noticing. - Lao Tzu

It isn't evil ruining the earth , but mediocrity. The crime is not that Nero played while Rome Burned but That he played badly.  -Ned Rosen

Think nothing. Wait until it is absolutely still within you. When you have attained this, begin to play. as soon as you start to think, stop and try and retain the state of non thinking - then continue playing. - Stockhausen

"Until the one to whom this is written came along I imagined that somewhere outside, in life...lay the solution to all things. I thought, when I came upon her, that I was seizing hold of life.... Instead I lost hold of life completely. I reached out for something to attach myself to - and I found nothing. But in reaching out, in making the effort to grasp, to attach myself, left high and dry as I was, I nevertheless found somethingI had not looked for - myself. I found that what I had desired all my life was not to live - if what others are doing is called living - but to express myself. -
Henry Miller

All Photos by Francesca Woodman - Born April 3, 1958 in Denver, Colorado, grew up in Boulder, Colorado  and committed suicide in New York City on January 19, 1981. She is my all time favorite photographer and her work is a testament to the glory & magic of creativity and self expression.

Jun 24, 2012



I am not what you say I am
I am more than even what I believe I am
I shine with infinity
I talk to trees
I rest in the breeze with sunshine as my light
I pick up the pieces of all that I have ever been
But I am not those things either
I have gifts to share from all of the times & places I have lived in and through
I reflect all of those I ever seen
I am made up of the matter all around you and yet,
I am nothing and nowhere
I am everything and everyone
I cannot be boxed in by your words
Or ideas of what I am or should be
Or not be
A Woman, A Girl, A Success, A Failure, An American, Pretty, Ugly, Bride, Whore,  Addict, Heterosexual, Priestess, Magician, Artist, Liar, Scarred, Broken, Healed, Lost, Found, Loser, Winner, Rich, Poor, Down on the Floor and so on
For I am all things and and still nothing
I am glory and truth
I am despair and lies
I am love and hate
I am beauty and greed
I am yours and I am no ones
I am stillness
I am fury and speed
I am lost and then I am found and then lost again
I am born and I will die
Repeat repeat repeat
I am eternally the same, unchangeable
I am always changing
Repeat repeat repeat
I am the true path and the crooked road
I am beauty and ugliness
I am wonder and I am horror
I am perfect with the beauty of flaws
I am everywhere and I am nowhere
I'm a slave and I'm free
I am life and death
I am sorrow and joy
Transparent yet solid
I am full of fear but have a courage I cannot explain
I come from forever and walk in the now
I am you and I am me
I am not you and not me
I am unexplainable
I am inimitable
I am a tree and my roots lead back to what is divine and sacred
I try as hard as I can to live fully, truthfully, holy holy holy
Do not judge me
Do not name me
As I am you
And we ache with the sorrow of birth
And death 
And the loss of all things eventually
But it is nothing too
For we are all the moments that have ever been and will ever be
Shed your skin
Shed the weight
What you think you are
what you think I am.

Jun 19, 2012

Children of the Sun

I just wanted to share this today as this song has so much meaning for me and usually brings tears to my eyes with thoughts of how do we as a species evolve and grow into what we in fact already truly are...Children of the Sun. We are all more than something that can just be bought and sold, and even more than that we are holy holy holy~ In this world we live in it has become so hard to even hear ones own truth anymore, there is so much noise, so much mind chatter, computers, phones, buy this, buy that...where does it end and where do we begin again? I encourage anyone reading this right now to take the time to just sit back and listen to this beautiful song, take in the lyrics and try to calm your mind down from the daily grind to just be with yourself and see if you can hear your authentic voice. This is my gift for you today~ May it be a glorious day where we walk with the truth of who we really are as well as the possibilities of who we can become. The possibilities are endless...

                                                   Children of the Sun by Dino Valenti~

Let me pull your coat my friend...the game you play you'll never win.
It's not a game that's played by rules...It's made by men to be played by fools.
Solitude that's all you'll gain...life is what you lose my friend.
You better stop! Take a look around, somebody can see you.

You feel that life is speeding by, you laugh to laugh and you end up cryin'.
All the others that you see, aren't half as real as they could be.
You hear them sayin it's all a game, wonder if you're goin' insane.
You better stop! Take a look around, I'm sure somebody loves you.

Ah come with me, take the lead, know you're mind.
There's no time to weep for those you'll have to leave behind.
Know as the river's run, you are children of the sun.
Live for love and life alone, there's no time to own anybody.

You go along with what you see, still you know you're not free.
You say of course I'm just one man, if they can't change it no one man can.
Yet it should be plain to see, they are they and we are we,
and hasn't anybody told you baby how much we need you?

Come away, take the lead, know you're mind.
No time , I wouldn't lie to you baby, there's just no time.
You know as the river's run, you are children of the sun.
Live for love and life alone, there's no time here to own anybody .

You think that you can fool em all, you say that life's a cherry ball.
Everything is alright, and nothin's got ya uptight.
Yet alone awake at night you're lyin', you think nobody hears you cryin'.
You better stop! Take a look around, baby I always hear you.

Come with me, take the lead, know you're mind.
There's no time to weep for those who'd rather sleep behind.
Know as the river's run, you are children of the sun.
Live for love and life alone, there's no time in your mind to own anybody.

There will be those who try to put you down, they'll say you don't know you're way around.
They'll tell you that you're not a gas, they'll tell their girlfriends you ain't got no class.
Do everything that they can do, to try get you thinking there's something radically wrong with
you better stop! Take a look around, honey they got all the problems.

Then come away, take the lead, know you're mind.
There's no time baby to weep for those who'd obviously rather sleep behind.
Know as the river's run, you are children of the sun.
Live for love and life alone, there's no time to spend bendin you'r mind,
Tryin to find some way to own anybody.

Dino Valenti was the stage name of the American Singer/Songwriter of  Chet Powers
In the early 1960s he performed in East Village coffee-houses such as the Cock 'n' Bull and the Cafe Wha?, often with fellow singer-songwriter Fred Neil, and occasionally with Karen DaltonBob DylanLou GossettJosh WhiteLen ChandlerPaul Stookey and others. He influenced other performers including Richie Havens, who continues to perform some of Powers' early "train songs". He later was in the 60's rock group QuickSilver Messenger Service and wrote the famous peace and love anthem "Let's Get together". He died suddenly in 1994 in Santa Rosa, California. 

Jun 18, 2012

Thinking On These Things

Listen To The Animals

Fight Your Conditioning

Money...It is a Crime

Burn Right Through to Truth

Jun 17, 2012

The Strange and the Wondrous World of Sound

Music by John RooT~
Temple of Music 1916

Kalimba made from lamp parts and an ashtray by Robert Patterson Collier

Electronic sound toy, the Tetrafol

The Ondes Martenot - A French keyboard of spacey sounds invented by Maurice Martenot in 1928

Jun 16, 2012


On the slope of the knoll angels
whirl their woolen robes
in pastures of emerald and steel.
Meadows of flame leap up to the summit of the little hill.

At the left, the mold of the ridge is trampled by all the homicides
and all the battles, and all the disastrous noises
describe their curve. Behind the right-hand
ridge, the line of orients and of progress.

And while the band above the picture is composed of the revolving
and rushing hum of seashells and of human nights,
The flowering sweetness of the stars and of the night
and all the rest descends, opposite the knol
l, like a basket,-- against our face, and
makes the abyss perfumed and blue below. 
~Arthur Rimbaud~

Jun 13, 2012

The Mother of Pearls

Here, thinking of you I remember being lost in wonder;
these shadows of memory I will never live again, where
Sometimes I have nothing to share but yesterday.
Being up all night, there will always remain my obsessions;
same old story
it's hard to find divine intervention.
But sometimes I see it,
I feel it come through the pen,
the brush,
the musical note.
Looking for something that was never mine.
a pantomime, a reflection of the real thing,
now lost to forever.
And every idol is eventually a let down
that brings you down
but makes me try harder
and then I feel more real,
a holy shimmering takes me over.
I have thrown away kisses,
cut all the guilt down,
thrown away the past.
This is only a shrinking world
a cameo
a detached pearl.
I save it like the memories put away in some locket,
heart shaped.

Jun 3, 2012

Sunday June 3rd, 2012

We are coming home.

We are coming home I say.

I am saying,

Lay the past Down.

See the future blindly,

For we are being born each day.

Jun 1, 2012

We Shall Not Fade Away


I Built a Rainbow to the Skatalites

The Springs of Saturnia
Photo in Collage by Dick Rude ( Toni Oswald, Josh Klinghoffer, Carmen Hawk)

He Was Only 2 Days Old That Day


This Pin is Pricked

I Think of You Today Donna


Taken Through

Into The Pink
Photo In Collage by Gay Ribisi ( Mariah O'Brien, Binki Shapiro, Carmen Hawk and Toni Oswald